Flower Power Boric Acid Reviews

flower power boric acid reviews

Boric acid is an oceanic mineral that has been used for hundreds of years. It has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is a good treatment for athlete’s foot, fungal infections and other skin diseases. It is also an effective insecticide that kills ants, fleas and cockroaches.

Flower power boric acid reviews is a company that believes in women’s right to control their own health and that helps countless women balance their vaginal health. They donate a portion of their profits to women’s organizations and offer an easy return policy so you can feel confident purchasing from them.

Using boric acid is a safe and natural way to help balance your vaginal health naturally and quickly without medication or other chemicals. It lowers your vagina’s pH levels, which promotes healthy flora and helps fight off infections and unwanted itching and odors.

Flower Power Boric Acid: A Comprehensive Review of Its Uses, Benefits, and Potential Risks

It is easy to use and incredibly fast-acting, often a reduction in vaginal odor can be noticed in as little as one use! Simply insert one suppository into your vagina at bedtime for 7 nights or until symptoms are gone.

Product Details

Flower Power Boric Acid Suppositories provide a safe, natural and effective treatment for embarrassing vaginal odor (and excess discharge) and may help reduce dryness and discomfort. It is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade boric acid powder in quick-dissolve cruelty-free (non-gelatin) capsules.

Each suppository capsule contains precisely 600 MG of boric acid, the therapeutic amount recommended by doctors. The powder dissolves within 4-12 hours and helps restore your vagina’s natural PH balance, promoting a healthy ecosystem of bacteria that is able to fight off infection and unwanted itching and odor.