Fusion Lifestyle Iron Soft Chews

iron soft chews

Boost iron intake to meet your bariatric surgery nutritional needs

One of the most common side effects of iron  soft chews | Bariatric Fusion surgery is low blood levels of Iron. It’s an important mineral that helps red blood cells carry oxygen to all organs and tissues in the body. It also helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. It’s best absorbed from a food source but iron supplements can be taken to help ensure the body receives sufficient levels of Iron.

Iron Soft Chews: The Tasty and Effective Solution for Preventing Iron Deficiency After Bariatric Surgery

Fusion Lifestyle Iron Soft Chews are an excellent option to include in your bariatric surgery nutrition plan and provide a 45 mg of Elemental Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) per serving, 60mg of Vitamin C to enhance absorption and taste with sweet cherry flavor. Each bottle contains 60 individual wrapped soft chews which will give you a 2 month supply.